Saturday, January 4, 2014

Toolbox Boombox

While I was home for winter vacation, I quickly grew bored without access to my electronic tools and projects. To entertain myself, I took some speakers, and amplifier, and an empty tool case and combined them all into a boombox. 

One cheap speaker

One cheap tweeter

I've had this set of Pyle speakers lying around since I had a car. It's two woofers, two tweeters, and two filters. The whole set cost something like $30. 

One cheap amplifier

The amplifier is an ebay special "Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier" This also came from my car. it's got volume, bass, and treble adjustment, along with two inputs. These cost about $10, and no one will bother to steal this from your unlocked car. They come with some kind of annoying color-changing LED in the front, but I changed it to an amber LED the first day I had it. 

One empty hard tool case

Inside the tool case

I picked up the Dewalt tool case at a thrift store a few years ago. It probably used to hold a scroll saw, but I never found a use for it. 

Measuring the template

Hole cut for speaker

Making it fit

First, I made a cardboard template for the speaker using an old shoebox. I probably could have downloaded a template online, but this was simple enough. 

Marking the location

Dremel and hole cutting tool

Hole cut

To cut the holes I used a Dremel and a hole cutting tool. It's a neat design that lets you cut perfect circles. 

Dremel didn't go all the way through

Finishing with the jigsaw

Hole cut

With some other cuts, it fits!

However, the cutting bit on the Dremel was not long enough to go all the way though the toolbox, so I finished off with a jigsaw. 

Both speakers fit!

Then I did the same for the other speaker. 

Tweeter holes cut

I decided the two tweeters would go in the center above the woofers, because why not. 

Amp and filters

Quick peek inside the filter

The two filters are just some passive components, I installed them because I didn't have anything better to do with them. They still have zip ties on them from the last place they were mounted.

Filters installed

Automotive Goop

Tweeters glued in place

To hold the tweeters in, I kept the car theme running and used some automotive goop. To hold everything else in, I used some short wood screws. 

Speakers wired up

Filters wired up

Filter close-up

Amplifier wiring complete

Front of the amplifier


I put the amplifier on the outside so that the volume can be adjusted while the case is closed. I drilled a hole in the case to allow the speaker wires to go through. It is powered with a 12v wall power supply, but a battery could be installed if I had one. 

Now the only question is what to do with it.

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